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Import Customs Clearance

M/s Mahendra Singh’s foremost Imports Customs Clearance services fortifies that all goods are classified accurately and that importers pay the correct rates of Duty if applicable.

The import shipments’ documentation, paperwork and records are processed and retained confidentially and securely, at the agreed timescales, for easy retrieval and archiving if they are required for Customs or Accounting Audits. The expertise of the customs clearance team guarantees seamless process with the least TAT for the convenience of the customers so that they keep coming back to us.

Some of our imports clearance expertise encompasses:

  • Air and Ocean imports customs clearance
  • Cargo and Courier mode clearance.
  • Customs Clearance of Capital Goods, Components, Spare parts, Raw Materials for all types of Industries.
  • Custom Clearance of Second hand/ Recondition Machinery and Refurbishing Parts.
  • Customs Clearance under various types of Import Licenses like EPCG Licence, Advance Licence etc.
  • Customs Clearance for Export Oriented Units.
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